New Product: MMA Workout Log App

It's been a while since you have heard from us. Part of the reason is that we have been working on something new.

This will be the first app, at least that we could find, designed specifically for recording MMA workouts. The app will be preloaded with striking, clinching, and grappling exercises that cover major disciplines like BJJ, Muay Thai, and more. There will also be general physical preparation exercises (enough features to replace a regular gym log) as well as a place to record your class time. If the app is still missing an exercise or drill you want, you will be able to add custom exercises.

Our goal is to make scheduling and logging your workouts as flexible and intuitive as possible so you can record workouts however you actually do them, not how some programmer thinks you should.

MMA Workout Log

All those logs don't tell you much without a way to summarize the data you have recorded. The app will have a graphing package that will let you compare any exercises over any time period with a pie chart, bar chart, cumulative line chart, or table of raw data.

Pie Chart MMA Workouts

We will also have programs to improve specific parts of your game, for example, a 20 day striking clinic that can be added to your schedule with the push of a button.

We want to make as much of this app free as possible. Programming and promotion costs money, and in-app ads are annoying to you and make hardly anything for us, so we will be charging for a pro version. We are looking at $1.99 per month, billed monthly (not charging for a whole year up front like some apps we have seen). The free version will have all the functionality we told you about above, but history and scheduling will be limited to 3 weeks in the past or future. The pro version will have an unlimited time range. And while the free version will have only a few programs that don't change, the pro version will add new programs frequently. One last feature of the pro version will be the ability to output your workout logs to a spreadsheet.

This app will be available for both Android and iPhone.

Your feedback is critical to us making the decision about whether to build this app. Would you use it? Would you buy it? Does it have features you would never use, or did we leave out something important? Anything you have to say would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a comment below. Your email address will not be publicly displayed.


  • Thank you for your comments. We wanted to tell everyone who has been a Solo Jitsu customer about this app first. We will be doing some more general market research, and if we continue to get good feedback on the idea, we will be having the app built over the next several months.

    Solo Jitsu
  • Yes this app idea is awesome

  • Yes i want the Pro version! How can i get it!

    Leroy sanchez
  • Very interested
    Maybe include some weapons defenses

  • I will use an app with those fixtures. Specially when traveling . Don’t need to carry the cards and a note book to log a work out.

    marcos a sanchez

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