Now Here: BJJ 50 Exercise Deck

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Image of all 50 cards

Here is a list of all 50 exercises in the new deck:

Ground Lower Body


Hip Escape


Technical Stand Up

Roll Over

Sit Out

Sitting Hip Escape

Sitting Breakfall

Sitting Side Breakfall

Long Bridge

Hip Bump Sit Up

Leg Swing

Toe Touch

Shadow Armbar

Hip Up

Hip Up to Triangle


Bridge to Hip Escape

Snake Crawl

Ground Upper Body

Alligator Crawl

Judo Push Up

Diamond Push Up

Stagger Leg Push Up

Uchi Mata Push Up

Fingertip Push Up

Assisted One Arm Push Up

Knee on Belly

Plyometric Push Up

Plank Hop

Standing Lower Body

Shadow Double Leg

Ippon Seio Nage


Foot Sweep

Wide Leg Sprawl

Stagger Sprawl


Forward And Backward Footwork

Lateral Crouch

Squat Jump

One Leg Romanian Deadlift

Lateral Footwork

Broad Jump

Diagonal Footwork


Standing Upper Body

Pull Up/Door Pull

Monkey Walk

Gi Row

Kangaroo Hop

Isometric Grip Hold

High Lateral Crawl




  • I think this would be a great phone app. Maybe include a timer option. To have the option to shuffle entire deck, bottom top possitions etc. I know I would be interested.

    Nuno Almeida
  • This looks way better than the first deck. The first deck was trash and nothing but repeats.

    Kevin Chapman

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